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FreeMile 5 GE MIMO

All-Outdoor radio system

All-outdoor system is a Licence-free
5 GHz gigabit radio for Ethernet packet data transmission

SAF FreeMile 5 GE MIMO all-outdoor system is a Licence-free 5 GHz gigabit radio for Ethernet packet data transmission. Making use of ground breaking 2x2 MIMO technology, the SAF FreeMile 5 GE MIMO delivers up to 210Mbps (105Mbps full-duplex) of real throughput combined with a high packets-per-second performance.

Highlights & Benefits

5GHz PTP Ethernet bridge

5GHz PTP Ethernet bridge, ideal for last mile access, private networks

High throughput

True TCP throughput up to 105Mbps full duplex (210Mbps Tx+Rx aggregated) together with high packet-per-second rate makes unit applicable for multipurpose application usage

Low and stable latency

Low packet latency (2ms) is ideal for real time applications such as VoIP or Surveillance

Power over Ethernet

IEEE 802.3 af compliant Power over Ethernet with built in Gigabit capability ensures a single cable installation and removes common 100FDX port limitations

Industrial grade build quality

Built-in surge arrester, efficient mechanical design and use of high quality components ensure high lightning and EMC protection, as well as environmental durability of FreeMile radios.

Integrated dual-polarized antenna

Integrated 23dBi dual-polarized antenna (or 2 N-type connectors with external antenna) makes it adaptive to any application

Key Characteristics

Capacity Up to 210Mbps (aggregated)
Frequency bands 5 GHz (5.180 - 5.825)
Modulations BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
Channel Bandwidth 20/40 MHz

Data Interface

10/100/1000 BaseT

Form factor:






470x230x239 mm; 3.0 kg


362x287x249 mm; 2.3 kg



18.50x12.60x15.35 inch; 6.61 lbs


14.25x11.30x9.80 inch; 5.07 lbs

Power consumption 10W




Product Brochures



Link Aggregation - internal and external Link_Aggregation 2016 Sep.pdf 1.9 MB
LC-LC Optical Cables Assembly Optical_Cable_Assembly_White Paper_Oct_2015.pdf 183.1 KB
Minimum Angle Interference SAF '2013

This whitepaper assesses basic practical aspects and SAF recommendations of interference avoidance commonly queried by engineers, i.e., what minimum angle is required between microwave links sharing the same site in order to reuse the same frequency.

20130110_Minimum Angle Interference_White_Paper_SAF_2013.pdf
141.2 KB
Truth about the real capacity

In this whitepaper SAF gives insight what is real capacity and what could be defined as a marketing manipulation

20110829_Truth_about_ the real_capacity.pdf
0.5 MB
Licensed and unlicensed

Licensed and Unlicensed wireless whitepaper

0.9 MB
FODU Advantages, CAPEX & OPEX

Whitepaper of Full Outdoor advantages, CAPEX & OPEX (English)

0.5 MB


Power over Ethernet injector

AC/DC Power supply 60W

RJ-45 connector

2P connector

Grounding cable

Test kit

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