FreeMile 17/24GHz

All-Outdoor radio system

Product no longer available for purchase. It has been replaced with the INTEGRA-G

SAF FreeMile FODU - a new generation license-free band radio

SAF FreeMile FODU - a new generation license-free 17/24GHz ISM band radio for Ethernet packet data and E1 voice transmission. The new radio system combines excellent features traditionally associated with ISM radios – interference-free operation, high availability, Carrier grade full duplex capacity with no cost of licensing and quick installation. SAF FreeMile radio also offers a user-friendly Web browser based management interface and straightforward installation process to ensure trouble-free experience for any user.

Highlights & Benefits

High throughput

Ensuring 100Mbps + 2E1/T1 full duplex traffic transfer (both directions), FreeMile is among the industry best radios for licence exempt bands.

Designed for licence free bands

17GHz and 24GHz spectrum is clean and open comparing to oversaturated 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands. Despite its small form factor, FDD-based FreeMile 17/24 with intuitive GUI is a powerful out-of-the-box system for quick and simple last mile installations

Spectrum friendly

FreeMile 17/24 come equipped with narrow beamwidth high performance parabolic antennas, reducing risk of interference. Hitless ACM/ATPC support and availability of narrow channel bandwidths allows installation of more links in the same area, as well as building wider networks of various topologies

Perfect for VoIP and CCTV applications

FDD technology applied in FreeMile radios ensure low latency data transfer unrivalled by any TDD-based system. 10x less latency provides faster response time from server, more stable traffic management and synchronization which are critical for processing small data packet sizes used in video and voice traffic

Industrial grade build quality

Built-in surge arrester, efficient mechanical design and use of high quality components ensure high lightning and EMC protection, as well as environmental durability of FreeMile radios. The sum of these elements results in higher reliability of FreeMile links

Rich Ethernet functionality

Built-in managed Layer 2 switch offers numerous Ethernet management options and allows user to configure VLAN, QoS, STP and other essential features

Key Characteristics

Capacity Full duplex 100Mbps Eth / 2 x E1/T1
Frequency range

17.1 - 17.3GHz,

24.05 - 24.25GHz

ERC 70-03 (100MHz offset)

17.1 - 17.3GHz,

24.05 - 24.25GHz

FCC Part 15.249 (100MHz offset)

Modulations QPSK, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM
Channel Bandwidth 10/30 MHz
Traffic Interfaces 100Mbps FE (RJ-45) + 2xE1/T1 (RJ-45)
Form factor 230x230x85mm; 2kg 9.06x9.06x3.35inch; 4.41lbs
Power consumption <15W


Case Studies

Baltic Networks - Hawaii

Baltic Networks - Hawaii FreeMile

20120628 Baltic Networks - Hawaii.pdf
1.8 MB


1.1 MB

Italy ISP

2.2 MB
DCN FreeMile_CS

Backbone buildout in Slovakia

2.2 MB

Broadband Media - Hungary

156.6 KB

Municipal organization in Ireland, SAF Freemile

151.1 KB

Italy - WISP

0.4 MB





Product Brochures




Visio Stencils



Link Aggregation - internal and external Link_Aggregation 2016 Sep.pdf 1.9 MB
Minimum Angle Interference SAF '2013

This whitepaper assesses basic practical aspects and SAF recommendations of interference avoidance commonly queried by engineers, i.e., what minimum angle is required between microwave links sharing the same site in order to reuse the same frequency.

20130110_Minimum Angle Interference_White_Paper_SAF_2013.pdf
141.2 KB
Truth about the real capacity

In this whitepaper SAF gives insight what is real capacity and what could be defined as a marketing manipulation

20110829_Truth_about_ the real_capacity.pdf
0.5 MB
Licensed and unlicensed

Licensed and Unlicensed wireless whitepaper

0.9 MB
FODU Advantages, CAPEX & OPEX

Whitepaper of Full Outdoor advantages, CAPEX & OPEX (English)

0.5 MB


Power over Ethernet injector

AC/DC Power supply 60W

RJ-45 connector case

RJ-45 connector

2P connector

Grounding cable

RSSI cable

Surge protector

Test kits


SAF Tehnika offers full spectrum of high quality directional solid (grid – where applicable) parabolic antennas of all commercially available sizes and frequencies made by world’s leading manufacturers. All standard antennas are fully integrated for use with radio units manufactured by SAF Tehnika. We also offer all kinds of passive components, such as couplers (integrated/stand-alone), OMTs, four-way transducers, for aggregated and protected links, as well as antennas and accessories (flexible waveguides, remote-mounting brackets, flange-to-N adapters, coaxial cables etc) for solutions where direct mounting of SAF radios is not provided. To select an appropriate antenna according to your climate zone and many other parameters, please, contact your sales representative.

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