Terms and Conditions

(February 2017; Rev.9)

  1. For an additional cost, North American customers may acquire the right to a “Next Day Replacement” service (“NDR”) for certain products. If acquired, an NDR right shall entitle a customer to the have a replacement product available for pick up or shipped within one business day of SAF’s acceptance of the product`s malfunction. If the damage to a faulty radio is determined to be from a non-warranty cause, the customer will be responsible for cost of the repairs plus 20% refurbishment and respective shipping fees. Next Day replacement is offered on stock products only, and does not apply to antennas, accessories and custom or special order products. NDR service cannot be obtained on a product out of warranty and cannot exceed the applicable warranty term. Customers exercising their NDR right to a “Next Day Replacement” are required to return the damaged radio to SAF NA at their expense within 30 days of being issued an RMA. SAF’s NDR service is not available for 20 days after it is purchased and can only be purchased for full year period. A failure to pay an NDR-related invoice shall void the NDR policy. 
  2. Units covered by NDR service are listed in the corresponding Invoice or Packing List enclosed to that.
  3. NDR terms and conditions are in force from the day the corresponding Invoice is paid.
  4. Terms and Conditions for returning the faulty unit to manufacturer, as well as all the other Warranty terms, are available here:


Download NDR Ordering Form and Terms & Conditions DOC 53 Kb



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